BizNat Manifesto

The Dissident Right must be more goal-oriented, with both a culture of action and the infrastructure to support such action. BizNat is the culture and GriftGang is the infrastructure. We’re developing a complete ecosystem for dissident communication, collaboration, and financing which promises to pursue and achieve tangible goals and make a quantifiable impact through the persistent application of talent, time, and money.

The name of the site, “Grift Gang,” was inspired by an Internet argument in which I was accused of being a “grifter” for arguing that financial support is necessary for a successful political machine. This mindset typifies the toxic culture of “inactivism” plaguing and paralyzing the Dissident Right. Raising money is a good thing, and empowers projects to achieve a scale and stability that can’t be achieved for free. Accountability is critical, of course. But accountability slices both ways: Are you investing enough in what you believe in?

With GriftGang Work, teams can collaborate on complex projects, communicating about them on GriftGang Chat, GriftGang Social, and GriftGang Groups while funding them through the GriftGang Market. If you’re serious about becoming a true stakeholder, dive in and engage our community. We’re not here to complain about what’s happening, but to do something about it.

Matt Parrott

Founder, GriftGang Enterprises