Terms of Service


The AltTech Project exists to function as a bridge between today’s Corporate Web and the CryptoWeb. The Internet has several design flaws which have been exploited by a handful of rootless cosmopolitan corporations to limit its potential as a medium for free expression for all peoples. In the past few years, these corporations have proven themselves unfit for the power they possess, arbitrarily censoring perfectly legal political speech because it transgresses their neoliberal taboos.

The final solution will be the development of a “CryptoWeb’ which is as ubiquitous and user friendly as today’s Corporate Web, but with decentralized solutions to the design flaws which have handed control of the Internet to the tech oligarchs. ATP is not the final solution, but a platform with the development and collaboration tools to help facilitate and accelerate the Crypto Anarchist revolution.

Terms of Service

The AltTech Project is a subsidiary of PossumTech Laboratories, LLC, an American corporation subject to American laws. You do not have permission to use this website if you are not an American, and we are not responsible for understanding or enforcing foreign laws and regulations on this domestic website. With three important exceptions, the only rule on this platform is to not do anything here that could potentially expose the corporation to legal liability.

These terms apply to any activity on the AltTech Project, including (but not limited to) the chat server, the coding repo, and other subsidiary projects either at atp.im or the associated dark web addresses.

Rule Zero: “Do not do anything here that could potentially expose the corporation to legal liability.”

Rule Zero applies to harassment, copyright infringement, actual fedposting, and absolutely anything and everything that poses a reasonable possibility of getting the platform sued. The platform is community-driven, so it is ultimately the community’s responsibility to promptly report these violations in order to protect the project from legal jeopardy. We are committed to actively, effectively, and promptly removing such content, but are not capable of completely monitoring everything at all times. Reporting violations isn’t snitching; it’s protecting the community from snitches.

Rule One: “Do not engage in Network Abuse”

Network Abuse is a broad term for any activity which abuses the platform. It is not illegal to post “Heil Hitler” 88 times in the chat server’s landing channel, but it is an abuse of the platform’s resources which detracts from the ability of others to effectively communicate and collaborate. It is necessarily defined broadly in order to account for all manner of shenanigans which may be employed to compromise or crash the platform. Ideas that are unpopular and unwelcome by the community are not Network Abuse.

Rule Two: “No gun porn”

Guns are not technically illegal in America. However, the laws have been written and enforced in a manner which makes conversations about weapons potentially illegal in all sorts of complicated, confusing, and hazily enforced ways. There are plenty of Boomer websites out there where the administrators fully understand the regulations and accept the risks. Go there to talk about guns, trade guns, or post photos of your niece wielding a rifle while wearing a tank top and cut-off shorts.

Rule Three: “No porn

We don’t wish to be hosting or policing degeneracy. We don’t want to browse through hundreds of images to discern whether the women are legal or be accountable for cases where the content is not legal. While this is a major imposition on free speech, it’s also a necessary one given the legal risks that come with hosting pornographic material of any kind. There are plenty of other websites where you can enjoy pornography.

What counts as “pornographic” on this site is very broadly defined, and is inclusive of plenty of material that plenty of reasonable people would not consider pornographic.

Web of Trust

In cryptography, “Web of Trust” refers to relying on decentralized mesh networks of trusted nodes rather than formal authorities. This concept is embraced and extended by the ATP project. The chat server is set up to facilitate the organic development of trusted networks of friends and associates. You are encouraged throughout the platform to not even trust the platform itself. The Matrix chat server empowers you to create your own private, secret, encrypted channels that we’re incapable of monitoring. You’re not asked for any personal information unless you would like us to mail you something. We will never accept credit cards because they inherently require you to trust ourselves and others with your personal information.

Your personal information is your responsibility. If your personal information is leaked on our site, it is categorically your fault and problem. While we’re taking every measure to ensure our security, this site is a juicy target for hackers and could be subject to discovery at a later date. If you use a pseudonym that does not tie back to your real world identity, access our services on the Dark Web, and are smart about how you’re communicating with the community, you should be relatively safe.

Community Standards

The ATP Project intends to host a broad range of communities, subcultures, and “scenes,” all of which will maintain and enforce their own “community standards.” We categorically reject the notion that it’s possible or honorable to attempt to arrive at a common set of community standards. That’s not how humans work. There is no common “community” here. ATP is a platform for communities, many of which have very different and incompatible values, social standards, taboos, triggers, and styles of humor. The rules being enforced exist to protect the website from legal entanglements or service disruptions.

Eventually, we hope to help develop the CryptoWeb tools and resources which will allow communities to form and function online with no accountable organization at all. We’re not quite there yet, so there will be people and subjects which are banned. If you also find the situation offensive, join us in developing the AltTech tools to solve the problem.